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You’re wondering what does a Fleshlight feel like? We asked Lilith, a professional erotica writer to survey men around her. Here’s what she found.

What Does Fleshlight Feel Like

What Exactly is a Fleshlight?

A Fleshlight is a male masturbator that was designed and patented by Steve Shubin in 1998 as a “device for discreet sperm collection.” This masturbator is made of a harder, plastic outer case and the sleeve is made of SuperSkin, a material created by Fleshlight. These masturbators come in a variety of styles, including vaginal, anal, oral, and designed after many famous porn stars. You can adjust the tightness and suction of Fleshlight masturbators. The material of a Fleshlight is incredibly soft and lifelike, but let’s address how it feels in comparison to other sexual acts with a real human.

How Fleshlights Compare to Bare Hand Masturbation?

It’s no competition when it comes between the Fleshlight and your bare hand. The Fleshlight wins every time, “hands down” – pun intended. While using your hand is quick and convenient with no prep, little cleanup, and you can easily change the pressure – the Fleshlight provides much more stimulation than your hand ever could! Most Fleshlights come with bumps, ridges, and other types of stimulation inside the sleeve, that your hand cannot provide during bare hand masturbation. You will have to take the time to get the lube, warm it up (if you choose), and clean up afterward, but from what I have heard the extra effort is worth the orgasm! 

What Does Fleshlight Feel Like
For example, here’s the inside of the Destroya Fleshlight. See how all those bumps and ridges are an upgrade to your bare hand.

What Does a Fleshlight Feel like If You Are Virgin?

Speaking to a couple of men who have used a Fleshlight when they were a virgin (and then had sex), I have gathered that it isn’t anything like regular sex. Yet, it feels “remarkably similar to the real thing.” These men have confirmed that it does feel like the real thing – if you don’t count the movements your partner makes, the warmth of their body, and the feeling of a person being under or over you. All of that aside, a Fleshlight feels like a real vagina! You can truly replicate the experience of being with another person if you change up your speed and don’t become robotic with your strokes.

What Does Fleshlight Feel Like
You can see here the shape of a real vaginal canal. Even it’s not as intense as some Fleshlight texture, it has rugal folds that some Fleshlight try to replicate.

How Real Does a Fleshlight Feel?

Fleshlight is made of Superskin and feels incredibly real. It is a lifelike material. The only thing that really sets it apart from the real thing is that it isn’t warm. But that is easily fixed by warming it up with warm/hot water or a sleeve warmer. The inside of a Fleshlight varies from design to design and the stimulation you receive from it can differ by merely adjusting the angle. The “Original Classic Pink” sleeve has no texture inside of it and is fantastic for people who cannot handle too much stimulation. The “Crush Pink” sleeve, like many others available, has three sections of different textures. 

You can check our more in-depth article to learn more about which Fleshlight sleeve is the most realistic.

What Does Fleshlight Feel Like
See how the original Classic Pink Fleshlight feel different than the textured Crush Punk

Fleshlight vs. Vaginal Sex

While a Fleshlight does feel a lot like the real thing, it isn’t warm. The wetness that is created by the lubricant does not feel anything like the natural wetness of a woman. Although, you will find yourself fingering the Fleshlight, much like a vagina, to get it thoroughly wet. Compared to vaginal sex, you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by the effectiveness and realism of a Fleshlight. If you’re looking for the Fleshlight that closest resembles real sex, you should avoid the extravagant textures. In short, you can say that Fleshlights are like veggie burgers: they are a good enough replacement if you are unable to get your hands on the real thing, but nothing like a real, juicy hamburger.

Fleshlight vs. Anal Sex

As you can probably guess, Fleshlights do not compare to anal sex. Fleshlights, even the ones designed to look and act like a butt, have a uniform tightness and texture through the entire device. When you have anal sex, there are different textures, the tightness varies, and you will be hard-pressed to find a Fleshlight that accurately replicates this on a level that is comparable. Don’t get me wrong, a Fleshlight is still pleasurable and tight, but nothing like real anal sex. You can adjust the tightness of the Fleshlight, but it will still be a uniform tightness through the entire sex toy rather than the varying tightness you would find with real anal sex. If you want something that closest resembles anal sex, here again, you can check our guide on the most realistic Fleshlights. We have a special section just for anal sensations.

Fleshlight vs. Oral Sex

/u/TheSexDude on Reddit says “It’s better than bad oral sex but not oral sex with a girl who knows what she’s doing.” I imagine that almost anything is better than bad oral sex.

Another Redditor said “There’s really no comparison. Oral is a highly variable experience. A standard fleshlight, by itself, could never replicate that. There are some that replicate the sucking, which is nice. But the texture, the feel? No.”

If you are looking for a Fleshlight that is close as one can get to imitating oral sex, the Swallow is a great option! This Fleshlight looks like a mouth and has two long, open, textured chambers separated by a tighter chamber in the center. The best and most intense part of this Fleshlight is tighter, middle chamber because it provides a sensation like being deepthroated. Sadly, at the time of this writing, it’s discontinued. Other oral options include the Turbo sleeves.  

Fleshlight vs Other Male Masturbators

You may be tempted to try other, cheaper versions of the Fleshlight, but it is the number one male masturbator on the market for a reason. The suction of a Fleshlight can be altered to your liking and it is easier to clean than some of the cheaper options on the market. With its open-ended design, it cleans and dries much easier than closed masturbators. It also has more room, length-wise, than other designs. The Fleshlight can be reused and is suitable for men of all sizes, whereas something cheaper may not completely envelope all penises, or are simplyn single use sex toys. The Fleshlight also has a patented Superskin material that feels incredibly lifelike and due to the patent, you will not be able to experience that material with any other masturbators.

How Does a Fleshlight Work?

The Fleshlight comes in a plastic case that resembles a large flashlight. To get to the entry you will unscrew the large cap that covers the top. The rear cap on the casing is tightened and loosened to regulate airflow and increase or decrease the amount of suction you will get during use. You can remove the sleeve from the case to soak it in warm water for a warmer experience. Or, you can use a Fleshlight sleeve warmer. After you have warmed the sleeve up you will replace it in the casing and apply a generous amount of lube. To clean the Fleshlight, you will remove it from the casing again and run warm water through it. Once it is dry, apply the powder that comes with it, and replace the sleeve. For a more in-depth explanation, you can check our article on How Does a Fleshlight Work.

So, How Good Is a Fleshlight?

Being a woman, I have not personally used a Fleshlight. However, I have spoken to many men in order to compile information on just how good the Fleshlight is. Compared to your bare hand, the Fleshlight is going to be able to provide texture, total coverage, and a place to orgasm. Compared to other pocket pussies and masturbators, the Fleshlight is larger, more inclusive to size, and made with a lifelike material that you will not be able to find elsewhere. The Fleshlight may not feel exactly like the real thing, whether that be vaginal or anal intercourse or oral sex, but it is the closest you will get and is worth every penny!

What Does a Fleshlight Feel like According to Reddit?

Sorkel3 from Reddit says “It’s as close to the real thing you’ll get in the absence of the real thing.”

Anonymous says “it’s kind of like a pussy if you lube it up. It’s not bad, probably better than just a hand sometimes when you want that pussy feel.”

TheSexDude on Reddit says “I used it as a virgin because it was billed as being as close to an actual vagina as possible. After having sex, I can confirm, it feels remarkably similar to the real thing.”

Bewbtoob of Reddit says “Even when a Fleshlight is perfectly prepared it’s nowhere near as good as actual sex. It’s a wonderful sensation and it’s miles better than just a hand. It gives an intense orgasm, but at the end of the day, it’s still masturbation. Actual sex with a regular woman involves much more than physical sensations. Yes, those are great, but it’s the heat of the moment, the lust, the interaction, the chemistry, the feelings, all being shared between two people that make sex so awesome and there is no duplicating that.”

An anonymous Redditor says “Fleshlight is the best masturbater I’ve used, and the most realistic, but still doesn’t compare to the real thing. Aside from feeling artificial, you don’t get the movement and reactions of your partner. Cleanup is easier than other masturbaters but is also complicated and frustrating the first few times, and the need for lube guarantees you’re going to need to clean yourself pretty well also.”

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