Pokémon Go has entered the final month of this horrid year, and this has resulted in the level cap increasing from 40 to 50. However, in addition to the level cap increase, Gen 6 creatures from the Kalos region have also entered Niantic’s mobile game. Some people have been asking what is a Fletchling in Pokémon Go, and here you’ll discover how to catch Fletchling and evolve into Talonflame.

Know that the Kalos celebration event will conclude on December 8th at 22:00 local time. This Kalos celebration event has its own set of tasks and rewards to complete, and – throughout its duration – Gen 6 creatures will be appearing more frequently in the Wild.

Now that you know exactly when the current Kalos event will end, below you’ll discover what a Fletchling is and how to catch in Pokémon Go, and you’ll also discover how to evolve it into Talonflame.

What is a Fletchling in Pokémon Go?

Fletchling in Pokémon Go is a Normal and Flying-type bird from the Kalos region.

As a Normal and Flying-type in Pokémon Go, trainers should know that Fletching has a weakness to Ice, Rock, and Electric.

It’s resistant to Grass, Bug, Ghost, and Ground-type attacks, and it’s a small creature that is undoubtedly cute.

You can catch it in Pokémon Go alongside all the other Kalos region creatures that have been added so far.

How to catch Fletchling in Pokémon Go

You can catch a Fletchling in Pokémon Go during the Kalos celebration event.

Fletchling is available to catch in Pokémon Go during the Kalos celebration event through the Wild and by hatching from 2km Eggs.

Know that you can also encounter the newly added creature by completing the Kalos event’s exclusive field research task: catch five Flying-types.

In addition to the red headed bird, below you’ll find the other creatures appearing in the Wild:

  • Chespin
  • Fennekin
  • Froakie
  • Bunnelby
  • Litleo
  • Noibat

And Bunnelby and Litleo will also be hatching from 2km Eggs alongside Fletchling.

What Does Fletchling Evolve Into

How to evolve Fletchling into Talonflame in Pokémon Go

You need to evolve Fletchling into Fletchinder before you can get Talonflame in Pokémon Go.

Trainers will need 25 Fletchling candy to complete the evolution into Fletchinder, while a further 100 candy will be needed to evolve Fletchinder into Talonflame.

And this is all you need to know about the Kalos region creature and how to achieve its transformation.

Remember that the Kalos celebration event will finish on December 8th at 22:00 local time.

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