What Does Fizzy Faz Do : 'FNAF Security Breach' Fizzy Faz Stamina Upgrade Guide: Where to Find Them in the Game

What Does Fizzy Faz Do - 'FNAF Security Breach' Fizzy Faz Stamina Upgrade Guide: Where to Find Them in the Game

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'FNAF Security Breach' Fizzy Faz Stamina Upgrade Guide: Where to Find Them in the Game
What Does Fizzy Faz Do
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Upgrades are one of the essential parts in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach as these can help its players to survive in the survival horror game.

Aside from upgrading Freddy Fazzbear, the animatronic mascot who will be their ally in the game, they will also upgrade Gregory, the protagonist in Security Breach, by collecting several items.

These items, which are scattered inside the Pizzaplex, will increase several of his aspects, including his speed and stealth.

One of these said items that could help them along the way is the Fizzy Faz Energy Drink, which it can upgrade their stamina, as well as their running speed.

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The said improvements can make running from any rampaging animatronic mascots easier, especially during the 6:00 AM "Hardcore Mode."

How to Get the Fizzy Faz

In total, there are four Fizzy Faz Energy Drinks that are scattered around the Pizzaplex in Five Nights at Freddie's: Security Breach.

They can only collect said upgrade once they have completed the game while waiting for 6:00 AM and choosing to stay inside the Pizzaplex, unlocking the aforementioned "Hardcore Mode."

The first energy drink, according to Gameranx, can be collected while in the Loading Dock. From there, they need to go towards the Pizzaplex's Security Office.

Once they entered the said office, they will walk along the catwalk to the west, where they need to follow it until they reach the far end. Then, they will take the left door and enter through it to gain access to a small control room.

From there, they will see a gift box that is in front of them, then they will interact the said box to get their first can of Fizzy Faz Energy Drink. If they did not enter the office, and encounter Chica, they cannot get the said collectible.

For the second one, they must go to the third floor of the atrium from the Prize Counter. They will follow the path to the right side until they reach El Chip's Restaurant.

From there, they will search around the kitchen until they reach its backside, and saw the same gift box, where it contains a can of Fizzy Faz Energy Drink.

For the third Fizzy Faz Energy Drink can, according to BRGeeks, they will first collect the Level 4 Security Pass. Once they got the said security pass, they head towards the main lobby, then go towards the tolls on the right side.

They follow the path until they saw the security door, which they need to open using the Level 4 Security Pass. After entering through the door, they will traverse towards the south of the Glamrock Gifts, where they will saw another gift box that contains the said energy drink.

Once they collected the third can, they will head towards the Roxy's Raceway, then they will go to the Hardhat Construction Area, which is in the right side of the location.

From there, they will go over the small bridge until they saw a driver bot with a missing head.

They must go behind it until they are in the back of the construction area, where a scaffolding is seen. They will search in the area until they saw the gift box that has the last can of Fizzy Faz Energy Drink.

Players need to keep in mind that in order to get the said collectible, they must go to Roxy's Raceway after 4:00 AM while having Chica's Voicebox or Monty's Claws in order to unlock the area.

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