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What Does Fizzy Faz Do - Five Nights At Freddy's: Security Breach - How To Find All Fizzy Faz Stamina Upgrades | Sugar High Guide - Gameranx

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Give yourself the gift of caffeine.

What Does Fizzy Faz Do

If you don’t open every present you find in Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security Breach, you might be missing out on some of the best upgrades in the game. Presents are found all over the Pizzaplex, and not all of them contain useless (but fun) collectibles. Some of them have powerful upgrades that make your life so, so much easier. One of those upgrade types is the Fizzy Faz Energy Drink. Each one of these drinks gives you a stamina upgrade and an improvement to running speed. Basically, they make it way easier to run away from rampaging animatronics.

There are four Fizzy Faz items to find in the Pizzaplex, and most of them are probably in locations you can easily (and safely) reach. Grabbing them all in order can give you a serious edge in speed, and they’re almost required once you reach the 6AM “hardcore mode” where there’s no more working Save Stations.

Getting all four Fizzy Faz cans will unlock the Sugar High achievement / trophy. Enjoy the sweet caffeinated goodness.

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All Fizzy Faz Stamina Upgrade Locations

Fizzy Faz are rare stamina upgrades. Each Fizzy Faz increases your stamina, how fast you regain stamina, and your sprinting speed. At least, that’s how it feels. Honestly, I’m not 100% sure what Stamina upgrades do, but they make your sprinting better. That’s all that matters.

Chica Fizzy Faz: Lobby – Just through the central ticket gates, enter the Level 2 Security Door on the right. You’ll find a present with a Chica Fizzy Faz and a memo. This is just south of the Glamrock Gifts store.

Monty Fizzy Faz: Atrium 3F – On the Atrium 3F, go to the right side and enter the El Chip restaurant. The present is inside the kitchen. This is the easiest upgrade to get early in the game.

Freddy Fizzy Faz: Loading Dock – In the Loading Dock, go up to the Security Office (Save Station + Flashlight Recharge Station) and then walk along the catwalks to the west. Follow this path into the catwalks guarded by multiple robots. Reach the far end and enter the left door. There’s a small, ruined control room with a present box.

Roxy Fizzy Faz: Roxy Raceway: Go to the Hardhat Construction Area in the main area of the Raceway — on the east side. In the back of the construction area, you’ll find a Save Station and a memo bag. The present with this upgrade is located up the nearby catwalk stairs.

  • The Raceway requires Chica’s Voicebox or Monty’s Claws to unlock.

You can only get the last Fizzy Faz after 4AM — once you’ve acquired either the Chica or Monty upgrade.

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